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Cobwebs offers an array of specialist services:

Available for all specialist cleaning contracts

Our skilled operatives are certified in all aspects of waste management including clinical collection, correct environmental disposal and property clearance.


The void and response teams at Cobwebs are fully trained and experienced in the handling of hazardous waste, clinical waste and bodily fluids. In addition, they have successfully completed training in the handling of sharps, and have received the appropriate vaccinations.


It is our aim to clear properties, sites, car parks and public areas of discarded items and sharps in a methodical and meticulous manor ensuring the safety of our clients, tenants and the general public.

•  Property clearance

•  Environmental cleaning / clearance

•  Trauma cleans

•  Needle sweeps

•  Clinical waste management (licensed)

•  Pest control (licensed)

•  Fire and flood

•  Grounds maintenance

•  Pressure washing


We also supply a wide range of washroom products from paper towels to sanitary ware and janitorial supplies. We offer competitive prices on all of our supplies and include free delivery to your desired location.

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